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1760 Long distance shooting


Century 600 yards range

Bisley Shooting Ground is our main

club ground due to the extensive fascilities and diverse ranges. Here we can shoot from 100 to 1200 yards as well as some practical shotgun too.

Chobham Ridges is great for testing your dope calculations up to 1400 yards.

Orion Firearms Training in Wales is a regular for us for the 1 mile shot!



Meeting regularly at Bisley, 1760  has been created by like minded shooters who enjoy the challenge of long distance shooting.

We are a subsidiary of Wey Valley Rifle  and Pistol Club and being part of WVRPC we are Home Office and NRA approved.


To keep meetings varied we also enjoy some gallery shooting and even our own version of practical shotgun.


During wet cold winter months we will mix in some clay shooting too. 



We keep members updated on all up and coming events with any special requirements, times etc.

1200 yards at Bisley is already booked for September with dates running out for this distance. 

We will venture further away later in year for longer shoots.

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